Malware Removal

CyberAlpha removes malware and viruses from your website. Our scanning service checks your website at regular intervals to protect your company and customer data. If we detect malware we will remove it immediately

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Our Website Malware Removal Solutions

We will immediately remove any malware found on your website

Our malware analysts will work with you to ensure your website is free of malware and viruses

Frequent scanning ensures we detect and are able to remove malware faster

Benefits of Website Malware Removal

Immediate removal of any malware found on your website

Prevent your website being blacklisted by Google and others

Keep your website malware free

The security of your website, be it personal or corporate, must be your highest priority. Your website is your storefront, your brand and, in many cases, your first contact with potential customers. An insecure site can:

Become infected with malware, which is then often passed on to website visitors

Lead to lost data, both your own and your clients’

Crash frequently and suffer from periods of downtime.

Damage your company’s reputation and even compromise your entire business

Start Protecting Your Website in Minutes Today!

Our platform gives founders, CEOs, DPOs and CTOs peace of mind by securing their website. Helping you become GDPR compliant and providing all your cybersecurity needs in one easy place.

14 day free trial - no credit card required

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